This Pilates Studio On Cunningham Road Is Giving Us Serious #FitnessGoals

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You don’t really need us to tell you how good Pilates is for you. But you need us to tell you that there’s a stellar studio on Cunningham Road, and we love it!

What Makes It Awesome

Called the Pilates Studio, this fitness space on Cunningham Road is brought to Bangalore by Sheena Hinduja and is the brainchild of Merrithew Pilates-certified trainers Namrata Purohit and Samir Purohit. The latter two also happen to be a father-daughter duo who’ve helped actors such as Jacqueline Fernandes and Neha Dhupia, in addition to some serious sports stars like Suma Shirur (yes, that ace Olympic rifle shooter), Sushant P Karkera, the marathon runner and even a few footballers.

Signing up for a session at this Pilates Studio means you can use equipment such as the reformer which is great for resistance and muscle strengthening, the chair for combination exercises, as well as cadillac, ladder and barrels, based on what your trainer suggests. Since there’s less pressure on muscles, bones and joints, Pilates is also the ideal form of exercise for those with injuries. In fact, Namrata has helped people with injuries to recover through Pilates rehabilitation. So those of you plagued with injuries — knee, hip, shoulder or back, maybe give this exercise a shot. It’s also safe for expectant mum and the elderly too, so not to worry. You won’t be made to keep up with gym bunny sorts who can dance and jump to Despacito faster than you can say it. 

Having tried and tested Pilates sessions here, I can tell you that it takes a while getting used to. Don’t think that you’ll be sweating in ten minutes and boom, that is the end of the workout. It’s not. They dig deeper and deeper to strengthen the core. So really, you’ve probably been doing many exercises wrong but just moving, without engaging the core. You’ll learn to really coordinate mind and muscle, so you’re stronger than you think. After all, weight loss isn’t synonymous with fitness.


Make sure you take an appointment at the Pilates Studio before showing up.