Ten-second takeaway 

With protective headgear for pillion-riders made compulsory in the state, go ahead and get yourself a sturdy helmet.

Attention, riders

While the idea of making helmets mandatory for pillion riders in the state was first decided months ago, the Transport Department has enforced the rule from January 1. However, before you exclaim about how abrupt this may be, the good news is you have a grace period of 15 days {till 15th, to be precise} to get yourself a helmet {an ISI-certified one, we suggest}. And, in case you are caught helmetless, once the law is strictly in place, you will be expected to pay a penalty of INR 100. And while that mightn’t deter you much, the safety of your life might. So, time to get your helmets on, peeps!

The story first appeared in Bangalore Mirror. Read it here.

Featured image via: Rajarshi Mitra