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Nagin Dance Or Bhootni Ke Wings? Take Your Pick Of Desi Delights At This Koramangala Pizzeria

Sreepathy posted on 04 July

Ten-Second Takeaway

Putting desi twists and quirky names to pizzas are what this pizza joint does best. Horn ok please for Puh Se Pizza’s selection of thin-crust pizzas that are both Indian and firangi. Oh, and they do a rather spicy, hot as hell wings too!

Chow Down

Maska, Udta Punjab, Nagin Dance, Bhootni Ke Wings

Sip On

Boom Boom Boomer

Winning For

The quirkily named dishes on the menu. Where else will you find a Main Tera Bakra {lamb kheema pizza} or even Nagin Dance {Andhra-style chicken chunks fried in a green gravy}. There’s also the heavily doodled pizza boxes and the desi pizzas. And of course, everything is value for money here. A meal for two will cost you just under INR 600. 

Lowdown On The Ambience

Puh Se Pizza is located at 5th Block Koramangala, just below Hweatlh Cafe. Mainly a take-out place, but they have done up the outside area with Super Mario wall art, stepped seating, and lots of cushions. Place your order, chit-chat or be anti-social by being on your phone — the space is perfect for anything. Oh, and there’s commercial music for you to tap your foot to while waiting for your order.

'A' Se Awesome Pizzas

Pizzas are what you come for and them spicy wings are what you’ll probably leave with albeit kicking and screaming for water as the even last of your taste buds die of overexposure to them bhut jolokia smeared in copious amounts on them wings. Trust us when we say that the Bhootni Ke Wings are super spicy and not for the faint-hearted. Well, it’s our favourite though and we keep ordering it as and when we can. Moving on to the pizza section, we recommend the Maska, Udta Punjab, and Nagin Dance. The Maska is your vegetarian-friendly pav bhaji masala pizza while the other two are hardcore non-vegetarian pizzas. The Punjab is a Murgh Makhni pizza while the Nagin Dance is an Andhra Chilli Chicken pizzas. All these 6-inch pizzas are priced under INR 200 and that sits comfortably well with us.

Apart from pizzas, they do a bit of burgers as well. The Humra Bitwa Topper burger comes with aloo and a Bengali Kasundi mayo in the burger and is pretty yum. The jaljeera-ish Aam Aadmi serves its purpose of being a tasty drink that washes down everything.

So, We Are Thinking...

Try the Bhootni Ke Wings at your own risk.

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