Forget Bouquets, Roses In Boxes Are The New Way To Gift Flowers, Courtesy This Instagram Brand


Gift a box full of joy with these luxury roses packed up in a box. With colours from all over the spectrum, these roses will be the perfect gift for the special people in your life.

What Makes It Awesome

Buying a box of chocolates and a bouquet of roses can sometimes get a bit too much. Instead of buying them both, why not buy a combination of them? Roses in a box. Plush Bengaluru creates luxury rose filled boxes which make for perfect wedding gifts. Their boxes start at 16 roses in a multitude of shades and range from ivory to fuschia and even royal blue so you can get roses in your bestie’s favourite colour, even if it’s black. They even have metallic roses that are silver, gold or rose gold. Who wouldn’t want rose gold roses!

Your box is completely customisable. From a checkered pattern to an ombre, Plush will try to make sure you get the design you want. You can even get letters and numbers made from roses to spell out “I love you” or the number of years you’ve been married! And if that wasn’t enough they even have a basket of a hundred roses. If that’s not a great anniversary gift, we don’t know what is. Also, you don’t have to worry about removing them from the box and placing them in a vase, Plush recommends you just keep the box’s lid open and your roses are good to go. 

What Could Be Better

While the prices can be a bit steep for some (it starts at INR 1000), they’re an indulgence and we definitely recommend this splurge come occasions or when you really want to impress someone. 


We’re not going to lie their creations are too beautiful to describe, so check out their website & Instagram page to get some inspiration for your box.