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Hop On The Bubbly Water Bandwagon With This Brands Naturally-Flavoured Options

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Polka Pop

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What Makes It Awesome

I was judging this product from it’s cover, I cannot lie. But when the sparkling water bottle looks so colourful, in pops of colour and polka dots (by name and nature, eh!) it’s alright, no? Said to be India’s first naturally flavoured sparkling water, Polka Pop is as bubbly inside as it is outside. There are currently four flavours to choose from - Peach Polka Pop, Cranberry Polka Pop, Orange Polka Pop and Lemon-Lime Polka Pop. My personal favourite is the Lemon-Lime that is really refreshing, and has a tangy hit. The cranberry one is great with vodka if you’re throwing in some alcohol. But it’s rather good on its own too. As is the Peach Pop that is mildly sweet. The last one is the orange flavour, but then you can’t go wrong with orange ever, so that is that! Just take it straight out of the fridge and sip on it all afternoon long for those island vibes. 

The drinks are said to be with no sugar and zero calories, so are great for those looking to cut down on sugar too. So, if you’re looking for a drink that isn’t going to derail your health plans, but you also don’t want to be just downing water, fizzy water is your best bet, and Polka Pop’s sparkling water is the best of that. Cheers, mate!