New Year, New Beginnings: Shape Up With Pooja Arora At Her Aqua Aerobics Classes

Aakanksha posted on 03 January


Get your water game on with fun aqua aerobics, courtesy Pooja Arora. Toned muscles, strength and a whole new level of flexibility is what you can expect to follow.

Dive In

Now that our depressingly short winter is coming to an end, and the sun is already bossing us around, time to jump into the swimming pool. And what better way to have fun getting fit than by signing up for one of Pooja Arora’s classes called Shape Up With Pooja. And the best part — you don’t necessarily need to know how to swim.

What{er} Workout

I dived into one of this mermaid’s sessions, and let me tell you, people who love being a water baby, they will love this form of exercising even more. Like all workouts, you’ll start with a warm up. It’s easy at the surface, but as you get into the groove, your body weight and the natural resistance of the water will ensure it’s a solid cardiovascular workout. Explaining that any kind of aqua workout helps improves flexibility at a lower risk than on-ground activities, Pooja also says it’s a lovely transitional exercise form for those who aren’t used to heavy-duty stuff. So basically, for all you couch potatoes.

On The Surface

Throwing in buoyant weights, floats and a motivating chant every now and then, Pooja’s classes will become part of your lifestyle. Since it’s not your usual routine, it also makes for a great stress buster. More so in the coming summer months. You’ll even dance a bit in the water; some funky Zumba and Bollywood coming up! Toning you muscles will take some time, of course, but you’ll see the difference in your body {oof those legs especially} two weeks in. And what’s even better is that it’s an all-round workout so no need to separate your leg days, arm session or core.

If you’re interested in signing up, Pooja is starting sessions {AquaFit 2K17}, this weekend onwards, at the Skydeck in VR Bengaluru, Whitefield.

Price: INR 5,000

Timings: 8am-9pm

Email Pooja here for details about future schedules and locations.