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Surf’s Up: Popular Spots To Catch A Wave In India

    With surfing fast becoming the new ‘it’ sport in India, enthusiasts are hitting the beaches in droves looking to catch a wave. While our country is flanked by extensive coastlines, not all swells are conducive to surfing, just as not all beaches are conducive to bumming.

    So instead of heading to the closest costal town near you, check out five of the most popular surfing spots below.

    Gokarna, Karnataka

    You will find good waves on the main beach of Gokarna multiple times in the year. This is a good spot to learn to surf as the swells are small, the waves are not the strongest and there is very little unpredictability in their currents.

    Surf with: The Cocopelli Surf School in Gokarna, which can be found here.

    Paradip, Odisha

    There are multiple surfing points in Odisha, but undoubtedly one of the more exciting ones for experienced surfers can be found at Paradip. It has the longest swell, and can carry a surfer for close to a kilometre. Now that is some ride, if you can catch it. For the less experienced, there are always the calmer waves at Jagannatha Puri, not far away.

    Surf with: The Shaka Surf Club is the closest club you will find; check it out here. If you’re looking for something a little different, the Surfing Yogis are an interesting surfing community in Odisha; check them out here.

    Pondicherry, Tamil Nadu

    Pondicherry has a few good spots to surf at, and stronger currents than you would expect. The former French colonial settlement is a gorgeous summertime vacation and surfing destination. If you’re out there long enough, you will encounter a regular group of local surfers, and a few tourists alongside as well. Pondicherry is also a great place to go scuba diving.

    Surf with: The Kallialay Surf School is a well-known and popular school  in the area. Check it out here.

    Varkala and Kovalam Beach, Kerala

    Known for its natural beauty, Kerala is also home to a few well-known surfing locations. Within the surfing community. two of the most well-known are at Varkala and Kovalam beaches. Both spots are near each other, but vary in the degree of difficulty. Varkala is a little calmer and easier for beginners, while the popular Kovalam beach has high waves due to it being a point break surf spot.

    Surf with: You can check out the Tata Surf School in Varkala here. Or learn about the Kovalam Surf Club here.

    Manapad Point, Tamil Nadu

    Another popular location in Tamil Nadu, Manapad Point is one of India’s better surfing spots. The uniquely formed coastline {formed by many layers of lava} leads to a very interesting wave formation. This gives surfers potentially large waves to surf on a regular basis. This place will keep you guessing and we think first timers {like us!} would not find it easy.

    Surf with: Yourself! If you’re heading to Manapad Point for surfing, chances are you are already pretty experienced, and we recommend just going out there yourself. If you want to meet up with fellow surfers then you can check out the Manapad Surf Resort, here.