Send An In-Land Letter Or A Postcard To Your Friends Using This Cool Online Service



    In the age of Instagram and WhatsApp, Postman Baba is bringing back the charm of sending and receiving messages the old-fashioned way.

    Post It With Baba

    Postman Baba is an online service that’s caught our attention with their postal service which lets you send handwritten postcards {or inland letters} to your bestie, family or anyone you fancy. All you have got to do is fill out the details including the message that you want and pay a mere INR 20 and boom, these guys will physically drop your letter in a postbox. Depending on the efficiency of the Indian Postal service, be sure to watch out for your friend’s Instagram or Facebook feed thanking you for the postcard you sent them. Unless of course, they are also cool and actually write back. We like this because it means skipping the queue at a post office or and not having to hunt for a post box. You can sit at your desk and just get these guys to do it for you. While we are yet to use the service, you can check out the website here and tell us about your experience in the comments section.