Posters, Badges, And Tote Bags: This Online Store Does Quirky Accessories For Cheap

What Makes It Awesome

Mad Cap is my new go-to online store for getting everything quirky. Badges, to-do lists, notebook, mugs, coasters, posters, and tote bags. Quirky designs are what instantly drew me to this website and I love their collection of badges — more for my sling bags and backpacks. Their mugs and coasters are what I like next because they make a perfect cliched birthday gift for people and acquaintances. Oh, and yes, they do have posters too, in case you are looking to brighten up your plain walls. And the best part about all this is that they are reasonable priced.

What Could Be Better?

Their collection is a bit limited but nonetheless quirky enough for me to buy them all.

What's My Pro Tip?

If you shop above INR 250, you get free shipping.

Anything Else?

Their collection to to-do lists is something that I haven’t come across in other online accessory shop. So kudos to that!