Ditch The Bouquet - Gift Hippos And Owls Sprouting Flowers Courtesy This Instagram Page

What Makes It Awesome

Pot A Plant is an Instagram page that works with a local potter who makes cute, animal-shaped planters to house pretty, easy to maintain plants. Green decor is all the rage, and if you're a sucker for cute planters, check out Pot A Plant. Started to help out a local potter make more sales of his adorable, handmade animal themed planters the Instagram page now also sells a variety of easy to maintain and aesthetic plants. 

The idea is to replace bouquets (they die anyway right?) when you’re looking to gift a piece of nature. The planters are shaped like cute animals (think stop-motion animation) -  sheep, cow, hippo, owl and, pig, and can be bought with or without a paint job. Whether it’s an earthy brown, or in vibrant colour, the plants look just as pretty growing out of them. Indoor flowering plants, succulents, cacti, and herbs are some of what you can order in your planter. Contact them on Instagram, or Sadhya on the number below for the planter that you’d like, and you'll be sent a list of available plants sourced from a local nursery. 

The planters with plants cost INR 450 (INR 400 for students), and if you’d rather just buy the pot by itself, it costs INR 300. Once you pick the plant, planter, give them your contact details and address, they’ll deliver it to your doorstep. Since the planters are handmade, your order might take up to a week to reach you, if your preferred animal isn’t ready.


They ship all across the country. If you reside outside Bangalore, they’ll send you the planter and a DIY kit consisting of soil, seeds, and instructions on how to grow them.