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Pot Belly Synonym For Authentic Bihari Cuisine

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What Makes It Awesome?

The PotBelly divine, Contemporary place serving authentic Bihari cuisine in Namma Bengaluru. Life is so endlessly delicious- we have a colossal array of cuisines and noteworthy dishes in India

Sharing my experience about Liiti chokha and Champaran mutton which gratified whole experience of dining at The PotBelly Divine - 12 th main Indiranagar.

Service - the staff are knowledgable and do their best to make your dining experience a wonderful one

Ambience - artistic interiors, rustic decor, cute cozy corners, dim lighting make this place a must-visit for couples and family.

Dishes I loved the most -
* Litti chokha: Stuffed whole wheat balls served along with aubergine mash.
Pour in a bit of ghee and relish the littis you will be transported to another world.

* Champaran mutton - Also known as Batlohi or Ahuna meat. A one-pot dish. The meat is cooked for long in native spices which makes it soft and delectable

* Ranchi pulao - Delectable one made with aubergine roasted. Served with boondi raitha.

* Bihari kebabs - served with lachaaa paratha. Succulent kebabs cooked to perfection with grounded spices making it unique. The earthy feel and rustic spices used to elevate them to a different level.

Why wait for head here to relish some Authentic Bihari fare or order to relish them at the comfort of home

Would say potbelly divine scores high in all aspects and would be in no time a favourite to one and all for relishing authentic Bihari cuisine