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Hickory Smoked Mustard & Moroccan Rose Harissa: Global Condiments That Are Local

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What Makes It Awesome

Indulgence and condiments go hand in hand, no? Even more if you're diving into a bottle that advertises global gourmet goodness. But at LBB we love finding all things #vocalforlocal like PotsnPickles. An Instagram brand that makes condiments ready to hit you with the 'mmhs and ahhs' using only locally sourced ingredients!

Dishta, the Founder began this homemade-handmade venture during the lockdown as a way to reinvent herself after a stint in the Hospitality industry. Her goal was to get you to indulge the Indian way and hone her skills as a home chef. In the process, PotsnPickles has perfected four condiments/sauces/dips/marinades, however you'd like to see it. It is this versitalility we love too, after flavour, of course. 

Our top picks are a mean Hickory Smoked Grain Mustard -- perfectly pungent with a gentle smokey flavour waiting to be slathered on a piece of meat/fish or to be enjoyed with vinegar and salt chips, drool. These use mustard from Haryana, home to the best mustard fields in the nation. Next, we can't stop dreaming of that Aged Moroccan Rose Harrisa, with a light rosewater and petal fragrance and an assertive fiery flavour from Gujarati red chillies.

PotsnPickles also bottles a Pesto Rosso made with sundried tomatoes from Nashik and an Olive Tapenade using capers from an organic farm in Chennai. Again, use it to make pastas, pizzas or hell, you can eat it straight out of the bottle, they are that good!


PotsnPickles makes 150gm jars of each and sells them for INR 300 to INR 350 each. These are artisanal vegan and dairy free condiments at a bargain! Pan India shipping is available. Hit Enquire Now to place orders.