Step Aside Ladies! This Designer Boutique On Crescent Road Caters Only To Men

Sheshadripuram, Bangalore


Prive is a clothing store for men with a wide range of fabrics and ready to wear garments. Whether you need groomswear for your special day or a three-piece suit for your graduation, they have it all.

What Makes It Awesome

Step aside women, for this designer boutique on Crescent Road only caters to men’s clothing needs. Whether it’s a sherwani, suit or South Indian style attire you need, find it here on their shelves or get it customised according to your ideas, and their tailors will  wow you. From intricate handwork on their kurtas to cross cuts Achkans, they do western styles like Oxford checkered odd coats and trousers. Bringing a touch of modernism to a classic look is what they are popular for.

If you’re worried about getting a whole wardrobe look done, fear not for they also sell accessories that will glam up your attire. From hand-sewn joothe, silk pocket squares to three-layered emerald malas for the neck (even women don’t get this kind of pampering!), you will walk out looking like a prince or golf player (depending on what look you decide to pick). Because of their detail to attention when it comes to men, they’ve been signed up as official wardrobe partner for Bangalore Football Club. If our men in blue are shopping from them, what are you waiting for?


If you don’t know what look you’re going for, set up an appointment and their staff members will take care of you with their state of the art technology of a body scanner and try on machine to get you a perfect fit.

Sheshadripuram, Bangalore