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By Your Side: 10 Things To Deck Up Your Bedside Table Or Stock It With

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We don't really realize it, but a well-stocked and decorated bedside table is a blessing. Imagine waking up in the morning and not having to hunt for your essentials because they're right beside you. If you're working out of your bedroom, you may also like to deck up the table with pretty things that you can look at when you're dealing with blues. Whatever the case may be, we've got your back with awesome products from Shop on LBB.  From true essentials to luxury products and more, here's what you need on that table, or inside its drawers! 

A Table Clock Cum Pen Stand

Pine Clock Top

Isn't time the first thing you want to check post waking up? Yes, we do have our smartphones but what if they've run out of battery? Always rely on old school things, folks! We love this pure pinewood table clock from Unisoul that also doubles up as a stationary stand. Place it on your bedside table, and watch this beauty serve two purposes. 

A Quirky Table Lamp

Starlight Blue & White Concrete Table Lamp


We're not recommending the huge and mainstream ones that take up a lot of space. Buy this starlight blue and white concrete lamp from Elemental By Nanya instead. This one's a beautiful concrete lamp that comes with a bulb. Stylish and super elegant, this would be a perfect fit for your side table. You can also keep it on at night if you like cozy ambient lighting. 

A Water Bottle

Orange Flower Printed Pure Copper Bottle, Premium Quality - Leak Proof


Having one by your bed will always remind you to drink water and keep yourself hydrated. And while you're buying one, don't settle for plastic. Buy this pretty floral pure copper bottle from Health Choice. This one's not just aesthetic but also leak-proof so you don't really need to worry. 

An Elegant Photo Frame

Golden Border Glass Photo Frame


Everybody loves waking up to the sight of loved ones, so a photo frame on your bedside table is a good idea. This Golden Border Glass Photo Frame from Hollyhock not only looks sleek but can fit multiple photos while taking minimal space on your table. 

A Scented Candle

Irene - Sandalwood & Rose Scented Candle


Nothing like breathing in some fresh aroma of scented candles. Rad Living has this lovely sandalwood and rose-scented candle that's called Irene, and it comes inside a beautiful glass jar. A perfect accessory for your bedside table, we'd say! 

Revitalizing Anti-Ageing Night Cream

Lifting & Revitalizing Anti-Ageing Night Cream (50ml)


The best way to stick to a nighttime skincare routine and follow it regularly is by making sure that this night cream is on your bedside table. This Revitalizing Anti-Ageing Night Cream from Zyna wakes you up to rejuvenated skin every morning. It also has active collagen that helps reduce wrinkles and tightens the skin. 

An LED Fixture

Taking Flight Table LED Fixture


If you're someone who likes a pretty LED fixture on your bedside table, this one from Shady Ideas is made of up-cycled material and looks absolutely stunning! It throws just enough warm light to set a zen-like mood. So, when you switch your lamp off you can keep this one on through the night. 

A Sound Amplifier

Pine Eco-Friendly Sound Amplifier


This one may or may not be a legit need, but it's always a good idea to have a sound amplifier to set the mood. Sometimes we want to work with music and the phone volume doesn't suffice. For those times, just attach your phone to a sound amplifier. Keep this pure pinewood eco-friendly sound amplifier from Unisoul handy in your bedside table drawer, so that you don't have to hunt for it when music's on your mind. 

An Aroma Diffuser

White Candle Aroma Diffuser

Just like scented candles, keeping this on the table is a great idea too. Earthshala has an excellent white candle aroma diffuser that is made of ceramic and looks very elegant. It also comes with six tealight candles and an essential oil blend. 


You can also stalk up your bedside table's drawers with some healthy snacks for times when you're too lazy to get up and go all the way to the kitchen. Or, you could even keep bottles of Morning Fresh, a drink that helps cure hangovers. You know you need it right beside you after a crazy night.