Rock Those Yoga Asanas With Proyog’s Comfy And Organic Merch

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Ideal for all you yogis, Proyog is all about comfort without compromising on style. And the best part? It’s sustainable fabric.

Traditional roots

Born right here in B-town, Proyog was started with the vision of taking quality yoga attire to the world. In fact, if you’re in Dubai, Singapore or New Zealand, these folks are there too. Creating designs that echo natural fabrics, and comfort — a wardrobe essential for yoga practitioners, we love how the apparel keeps us fit and on trend. Using organic cotton and modal {created from wood chips}, the combination not only allows your skin to breathe, but is also sustainable apparently.

Bending Over Backwards

Whether you practise slow asanas or rigorous sun salutations, Proyog apparel makes sure you can stretch to your heart’s content. Keeping tradition in mind, while adding some stylish details, each piece is named after ancient transcripts of yoga. The Matsya Katori blouse for example, is a high neck crop top, inspired from a saree blouse. Our favourite is the dhoti range that comes in soft earthy shades of blue, beige and grey.

Total Waist

But our favourite feature, hands down, is the fitted waistband for support. Hurrah! No need to hold onto them track pants. Now you can easily hold those headstands minus any wardrobe malfunctions. Do check out the Vriksh fold over pants for comfort and quirk. Perfect to cover up when you’re stretching in some tricky positions. Time for you to dazzle with your moves and clothes at the next yoga class folks.