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Whitefield Finally Gets A Digital Public Library & It's Worth The 10-year Wait

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What Makes It Awesome

Folks of Whitefield, we're giving you the best news you've heard all day! There's a cool new digital public library in your hood, and we think it's so nice, it may just be enough motivation for everyone in the city to make a trip here. Located along the main Old Airport Road in Thubarahalli, Mahadevapura Zone, Whitefield, we caught wind of this lovely library space on Twitter, thanks to local residents Zibi Jamal and Anjali Saini posting about it. They've also graciously shared mini virtual tours and images of what the space looks like. At first sight the huge terracotta-coloured building may look like a company IT Space, but go in and you'll be pleasantly surprised.

This book-building is set up by the BBMP library department and run by the Department of Public Libraries. It boasts two floors of reading space. The first floor is where all the computers (about 30 access points) are with dividers between each machine to ensure to social distancing. You will also find pictures of all the Jnanpith Award winners on the walls and shelves full of books in English and Kannada, and a space to keep bags and other stuff. The second floor, on the other hand is a reading only space that's already a hit with college students. To top it all, children have a lovely colourful room with painted walls, books and toys, dedicated just for them.

Currently, the Government Public Digital Library (as found on Google Maps) has subscriptions to about 30 newspapers and about 22,000 books and magazines (some vintage editions too!). As they continue to build inventory, expect the number to go up to 50,000.

Interestingly enough, the plan for this digital public library was set in motion 9 years ago when a local MLA promised its construction. However, things slowly fizzled out, construction took forever and at one point, in 2017 to be specific, the completed, unfurnished and bookless building was rumoured to be turned into a party office. Thankfully, things panned out differently


Anybody can apply for a lifetime membership here (online or in person) for only INR 202. All you need is your Aadhaar card ane four passport-sized photographs. Note that only members are allowed to check out books. The Public Digital Library is open everyday from 10 am to 5:30 pm and remains shut on Mondays and every second Tuesday and fourth Saturday of the month. Ample parking spaces for vehicles and a ramp/ lift for wheelchair access is available too.