PurpleBasil Food Delivery Could Be Your New BFF For Healthy, Happy Fast Food


Burgers slathered with hung curd instead of calorific mayo and risotto made from barley instead of glutinous rice. That’s PurpleBasil for you, a food delivery service that focuses on healthy fast food.

Health Is Served

If your week-day work lunches are beginning to look really drab, thanks to those endless orders of greasy biryanis, kathi rolls and Chinese food, the LBB crew feels you. We are ourselves guilty of ordering many of these junk meals for lunch. So when we heard of PurpleBasil, a food delivery service that focuses on healthy alternatives to what is normally considered junk or fast food, we were very intrigued.

Taste Test

We ordered ourselves a Pulled Chicken burger meal. The meal comprised a drink, a side of salad and the burger. We were shocked to drink the cooler, which apparently was made of apples and bell pepper! Sweetened with honey and a dash of rock salt, we loved this refreshing drink. The ribbon salad served with carrots, radish and cucumber was nothing special though. We moved on to our main man — the pulled chicken burger, slathered with a barbecue sauce {plus extra sauce was served on the side}. The burger was messy but fun to eat, because of the nicely cooked chicken. Our only feedback: we found the barbecue sauce way too sweet and it took away from taste of the chicken. The portion was generous and quite filling.

So, We're Thinking...

We have been eyeing their Asian noodle salad with grilled chicken, their barley risotto served with grilled fish and their black bean burger for lunch orders. For those who don’t care about burgers or noodle bowls, there’s also pesarattu, akki dosa and vermicelli biryani {veg and non veg} meals. A special shout out goes to food stylist and blogger Ambica Selvam {she is an LBB Insider too folks!}, who has helped create the well-thought out menu for PurpleBasil.

Price: INR 240 for a meal

Check out Purple Basil’s website here to order online.