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Health Food Delivery Service Purple Basil Has New Diet Meals Including Vegan-Friendly Plans


Purple Basil got our interests piqued in the past with their healthy take on fast food. Now the good folks are back with a bunch of diet plans including vegan, low calorie, high protein, and more.

V For Vegan

High Protein, Healthy Foodie and Loss Control Diet plans are a few new options that Purple Basil is sending out for delivery these days. While there are quite a few start ups already send out health food and low-calorie meals, we were interested to try out the vegan meal plans that Purple Basil has introduced. While being vegan in India is actually not so difficult {we’re all good that way}, we wanted to check out what Purple Basil had up its sleeve.

Meal Plan

We were sent two of the vegan dishes {part of the vegan diet plan} for a workday lunch. We started off with a tofu spring salad, which had pieces of grilled tofu, fruits such as apples, orange segments, greens, and crunchy onions, all dressed up in a sweet date syrup and vinegar dressing. If you asked us, then we really didn’t need a sweet dressing added to the already partly sweet salad. Something lemony and perky would have been much better to compliment the sweet fruits and onions. The salad was plated and packed well and looked quite fresh and lovely.

Up next was the Coconut stew served with multigrain dosas. This was a filling meal with the coconut milk stew full of veggies and tempered lightly with curry leaves. The multigrain dosas were delicious and filled up our tummy pretty fast. The stew was also generously portioned and two people could have eaten it.

Are we getting this again? Yes, on a day when we are feeling like ordering a light meal, we are going back to them vegan meals. We’d also be interested in their high protein diet meals, since we are big fans of all kinds of protein in our meals. These guys also have an aglio olio pasta, ragi dosas with peanut chutney, satay curry and flat rice noodles as part of their vegan meal deals. The diet plan comes with 10 meals and is priced at INR 1,900. And you can order it online here.

Get more calorific information on all diet plans here.

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