Cozy Up With Block Print Blankets And Dhurries From This Designer

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What Makes It Awesome

Purple Rose Studio will set you up with the comfiest bed linen of any kind in colourful Jaipuri Block prints based on your room’s colour scheme. Bed linen really makes or breaks the sleeping experience if you know what we mean. Considering how cozy we want to be while we catch those z’s relies heavily on the bedding and blankets, Purple Rose Studio will have you covered! The studio is an extension of interior design practice. Focusing largely on bed and table linen (more the former), they’re perfect for all seasons. The bed linen is made with cotton, mul (the really soft cotton that reminds us of our childhood quilt) and linen, everything that’s naturally available. Bed covers, quilts, baby dhurries, cushion covers, and table runners are part of the collection. 

The blankets and sheets are perfect as is, but featured on them are colourful Jaipuri Block prints in florals and Indian motifs with the occasional tie-dye and geometric pattern as well - perfect for hot, Indian summers. Give them a ring and let them know what you’re looking for, a brief about your home, and your taste, and they’ll actually suggest the perfect patterns for you. While they don’t take custom orders, they’ll be happy to reproduce a previous pattern of theirs if you have your heart set on it. Contact them on +91 98441 71261 to schedule an appointment, or receive a catalogue. Recently, they’ve even started selling fabric, in the event that you like it so much and want it made into an outfit or upholstery for your home. 


If you’re setting up or redoing your home and looking for interior design solutions, they’ll be happy to do both, and even help with designing and making furniture.