Stay Warm And Good Looking With Pyaara Bazaar’s Beanies, Scarves And More!

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What Makes It Awesome

This winter, relish the joy of warmth and share it with someone who needs it. Pyaara Bazaar, started by Shany Augustine, an ex-professor at Ramaiah Institute of Technology, is a homegrown brand which sells a wide range of customizable crocheted beanies, stoles, scarves, bootie shoes and earrings. Since they are customizable, you can cothoose your own colors and style but Shany Augustine is a connoisseur when it comes to picking out the right colors to create a vibrant yet subtle beanie. She has always possessed the talent and fondness for crocheting and decided it’s time to start again, and this time, by giving back to the society and keeping people warm.

She has recently begun a campaign called ‘Warm a Head’ through which you can donate money to have a beanie crocheted from scratch to be handed out to those who deserve and need it the most this season. To donate a beanie to someone in need, the starting price is INR 150 and you can choose the colors as well! The starting price for a standard beanie with a monochromatic color is INR 300, INR 350 for a scarf and INR 450 for a stole. Isn’t this the absolute steal of the year? You can place your order with them either through WhatsApp or by calling on 96886619112 or through their Instagram page. 


She also paints intricate and eye catching designs on smooth rocks which would make a brilliant attraction in your garden, living room or even dining table.