Bangalore-based Qtrove carefully curates assorted things that your next-door neighbour has a knack for and probably doesn’t know how or where to sell them. Their swoon-worthy collection {mostly organic}, especially their bath and beauty, and food selection, is going to leave you feeling satisfied and so greedy. Pick a few or get all from our top picks, they’re really pocket-friendly too!

Chaas Bath Soap


Are you a huge fan of India’s beloved chaas or buttermilk? Can’t go a day without drinking it? Well, now you won’t go a day without bathing in it too because this is literally a soap made of buttermilk and sesame seeds. There are also some basil seeds and almond oil to enrich your skin. Yummy, isn’t it?

Price: INR 255

Buy it online here.

Coffee Body Scrub


Just the sound of it sounds so tempting, right? As if coffee in a mug wasn’t enough for the soul, now we have coffee scrub for the body as well. Cracked heels, lips or skin, this is your go-to product.

Price: INR 110

Buy it online here.

Mochaccino Cupcake Candles


This isn’t a cupcake where you put a candle on it and eat the rest of the dessert. Here, the entire desert burns, although we know it looks too delicious not to be eaten.

Price: INR 450

Buy it online here.

Bacon Jam


Bacon lovers, ahoy! No bacon at your disposal? No problem. Store this precious jam in your fridge for those unexpected bacon cravings and well, eat it with practically anything and everything. Read more about this delicious bacon jam here

Price: INR 295

Buy it online here.

Sea Salt And Chilli Chocolate Bar


South Indian chilli, sea salt and single origin cocoa beans — nothing not to like, right? This chocolate is silkier and tastier than you think!

Price: INR 150

Buy it online here.

Chocolate Lip Balm


Yes, we just told you about that amazing chocolate, but if you haven’t had enough, this chocolate lip balm should do the trick. It’s also got beeswax, shea butter, olive oil, natural vanilla essence and cocoa powder. Go figure.

Price: INR 110

Buy it online here.

Hair Growth Herbs


Wait, don’t just put all the herbs into your pasta yet! Okay no, go ahead, because now you have this blend of herbs in a bottle. Add some heated oil to this and watch it do wonders for your mane.

Price: INR 500

Buy it online here.

Orange Marmalade Scones


If you can’t figure out that damned recipe that you found online, please don’t break your head. These sinful scones should really make your day. Happy munching!

Price: INR 350

Buy it online here.

Mungaru Mallige Shampoo Bar


Shampooing with a bar, yuck, right? But this shampoo bar, which has jasmine, castor oil and even basil oil, is really going to make you rethink. Plus, so pretty!

Price: INR 490

Buy it online here.

Healing Touch Body Powder


Tapioca starch, orange peel powder, geranium oil, heck this powder is even full of finely milled oatmeal! We don’t have any reason to not love this one!

Price: INR 216

Buy it online here.