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Binge On Quickie Popcorn & Snacks During Those Perfect Movie Nights!

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    Popcorn and Movie nights are inseparable, at least for this family of 3. We carefully check the stock availability of popcorn for the weekend, as carefully as we plan for the movies to watch in the home screening. Sometimes we do have friends over for movie nights, but mostly it is just us enjoying a good movie that we can watch as a family. While ACT II Popcorn always gives us the movie theatre experience, to elevate that experience we were exploring some gourmet popcorn brands that are available and deliver home.

    Today’s post is about Quickie which not just delivers popcorn, but also nachos with salsa and other delicious grills and thick shakes, which I am yet to try. Delivery is usually free within a 5 km radius in HSR, but I had to shell out more since I live in Whitefield. But am glad the guy's Quickie arranged someone to personally deliver for less, as opposed to other expensive delivery services, really appreciate that. I ordered four flavours, The Peri Gang, Cheesy Overload, Mr Schezwy, and Mexican Cheese. The packaging was neat and effective, in zip-lock pouches, minimal branding with a sanitizer sachet and a few tissues attached.

    The perfect round shaped large neatly popped corn is something that fascinated me, I loved the flavours, especially both the Cheese Overload and Mexican Cheese options that I picked up were spot on and extremely good with delicious cheese flavours, with the Cheese overload winning over the Mexican and I would order again.

    The Peri Gang is something that needed a little more kick in terms of the peri flavour, and the Mr Schezwy was a little too spicy Chinese to my taste and a little tone town would be great to enjoy. I understand that they use important kernels and that explains the cost of the portion at INR 99, which is slightly high as compared to other brands readily available, but the flavours and the size of the popcorn make it up, its heavily recommended and a must try to make your movie nights even better.

    Do try their popcorn and share your experience and let me know what I should try from their wide offering for my next movie night in the comments?
      Available Online