Bored Of Home Cooked Food? Try This!

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What Makes It Awesome?

The Atlas World Café at The Vividus Hotels, now delivers innumerable lip-smacking dishes during this quarantine. The chef is a highly talented & humble soul who is kind enough to cater your cravings with his skillful cookery. The staff is very courteous & diligent towards preparing & delivering your order on time keeping in mind, hygiene & taste at the highest order. Although it's an order-in, the packaging is exquisite without compromising the proportion. The presentation is intricate & exemplary, what with the minimal, disposable cutlery provided. They do provide substantial quantity & it's worth the money. The menu is so elaborative that you end up ordering multiple items even for a simple lunch. I had the privilege of devouring these dishes.

English breakfast:
Kidney beans, poached eggs, fried mushrooms, baked fresh tomatoes, bacon, sausages, hashbrowns, fat. Donuts in orange & mustard custard to go with Fluffy pancakes with orange marmalade.
This wholesome meal at the start of the day keeps you going. Prepared from fresh, safe supplies, this is the tastiest food that you can order, this quarantine! The poached eggs were really tender & leathery avian texture, juicy tomato on the side, beans baked to perfection. In-house spices garnish the tomato. Freshly baked doughnuts glazed with orange & mustard custard give a very unique taste tingling your taste buds with every bite. Pancakes are as fluffy as the can be baked & roasted in clarified butter with a good helping of fresh orange marmalade & strawberry jam. The generously huge spread is really worth the money.
Price : 400 /-

Paneer butter masala with pulka:
Fresh soft cottage cheese marinated in rich in-house spices & heavy cream yoghurt mixed with tomatoes sautéed in clarified butter & other exotic spices in Chettinad style. It gives a stronger aroma & taste of tomatoes. It goes beautifully with hot, soft pulkas freshly made of wheat. The staff takes extra care in preparing the dishes with fresh quality ingredients & hygiene. The gravy has a string south Indian taste while maintaining the authenticity of the dish at the same time. A piece of pulka dunked in paneer butter masala & soft paneer is gateway to heaven!
Price : 700 /-

Mutton biriyani:
Juicy mutton meat well marinated in rich yoghurt & exotic in-house spices cooked to perfection with clarified ghee & long-grained basmati rice topped off with burnt onions to seal the deal! This biriyani is made Chettinad style & very rich. The raita alongside is sweet thick yoghurt with diced garlic, onion & tomato which makes this the perfect meal.
Price : 800 /-

Newyork cheesecake:
Creamy cheesecake with Crumbly base, every spork of this is undefined happiness! It is generously topped with raspberry coolie. The creamy dough layers well with the soft buttered biscuit crumbed base & are baked to perfection with a soft light brown top layer. The sweetness is perfect & for anyone wanting more, that fresh raspberry coolie will do the job. One of the best cheesecakes ever!
Price : 360 /-

What Could Be Better?

Nothing at all!

How Much Did It Cost?

₹1,000 - ₹3,000

Best To Go With?

Big Group, Family, Kids, Bae