Vinyl Records To Lamp Shades: Score Quirky Merch For INR 100 At This Store

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Castle Wood Furniture in Shivajinagar stocks up on quirky decor pieces like vinyl records and carved wooden statuettes that can make it to your home as decor pieces. Best part, they start at INR 100.

What Makes It Awesome

Located inside Richard’s Square, Castle Wood Furniture are dealers of antique furniture and quirky home decor pieces. It’s the budget-friendly decor pieces that we are in love with rather than the furniture pieces such as elegant divans, camelback sofas, chairs that look straight out of a Victorian home, and showcases with carved doors and handles. These furniture pieces start at INR 8,000 upwards, so definitely not a place for anyone looking for budget-antique pieces. But enough digressing, more about the treasures.

Old, scratched-up vinyl records, colourful lampshades without any lamps, vases that look like they’re straight out of the Ming Dynasty (they’re not), small statuettes of lions, tigers, and horses, clock pieces made from wood and marble, and framed photos of glass paintings of flowers, Enid Blyton-ish characters. Told you these are quite quirky. Buy them in bulk or individual pieces, because prices start at an easy INR 100. We don’t know about you, but we are thinking of getting some of those lampshades and hanging them with fairy lights (these are decor hacks, so make a note). We are not sure what to do with the vinyl records, but they do make nice wall pieces and makes our office look like it’s a rock studio.

What Could Be Better

They take antiques a little too seriously with cob-webs, layers of dust, and everything haphazardly propped up inside the store — it gave us Diagon Alley feels. If you really want to dig deep (and you should), wear a mask or cover your face when you are looking for the treasures this store has to offer.