#GoHereEatThis: Mutton Biryani At Rahham’s

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Now located in almost every neighbourhood in the city, Rahham’s formidable reputation has been built on that exquisite, Muslim-style biryani that they serve up every day.

Biryani Bonanza

Drop by at any Rahham’s {they have many outlets around the city} and blindly order their Mutton Biryani, we insist! If you are dining in, you’ll get a bowl heaped with biryani. It sports a mellow yellow with specks of the bright orange. And the aroma gently nudges you into submission.

Without wasting any time, just begin piling your plate with rice and chunks of meat. What you get at Rahham’s is a classic, Muslim-style preparation. The short-grained rice is a tad bit on the greasy side. But, seriously, it’s the mutton that steals the show. We’ve been digging Rahamm’s mutton biryani for years now. And while we have been disappointed with the way the biryani has been cooked a few times, they’ve never gone wrong with the meat. The pieces of mutton are always cooked to a fall-of-the-bone-consistency that delights!

What Else Is On The Menu

Another highlight of the Rahham’s experience is their kebabs. They’ve got all the classics — tandoori, malai, hariyali, kalmi — and they are all great. But if you want a real spice fest, try their Andhra Tikka.

The Rahham’s special section too deserves attention. Their Sholay Kebabs {strips of deep-fried chicken} and Chicken 65 pair well with tipple. Their Mutton Chops too finds many takers. Rahham’s is also a great place to try {slightly} unusual meats. There’s Brain Fry and Teetar {partridge} are worth a try.

This is a dine-and-dash establishment and while they do list the staple Chinese staples, we suggest you stick to their Indian preparations. Specifically, their biryani, kebabs, and Indian breads. Their curries tend to be packed with way too much masala and can easily be skipped.