Forget Just The Lights, This Rajajinagar Traffic Signal Pole Lights Up Fully

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If you are the kind who jumps red lights, and pretends it's because you didn't see the signal change, this Rajajinagar traffic signal is just for you. Forget only the lights going from red to green, this signal, at Dr Rajkumar Road has the entire pole changing colour. While it's not as easy to spot in the day, at night it's like an amazing disco traffic light. Turning red and green along with the actual traffic lights, it's quite amusing. Currently, it doesn't flash amber. Maybe evening distracting, but hey, it's a novel way that the Bangalore Traffic Police have adopted to ensure you actually obey traffic rules! 

Essentially just LED lights strung (which by the way, you can also get at the amazing BVK Iyengar Road) around the pole and wired such that they align with the traffic lights, we're looking forward to this at other signals too!