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Breadbaskets To Sizzler Plates: This Wholesale Cutlery Shop In Chickpet Has Everything You Need!

    Specialising in commercial kitchenware and equipment, Rajalakshmi, near KR Market, is the go-to store for restaurants and food stalls in the city. Visit their aging store and head straight up to the third floor to pick up cutlery of all sorts. From melamine plates to wine glasses and sizzler plates and bowls, they have everything. They also have a range of plain cutlery if you are into DIY. Plus, the prices are wholesale.   

    Bread And Fruits Basket @ INR 3,500

    No place to keep your fresh breads or fruit? This basket is the answer to your prayers. This one, with a woven cane tray, is larger than most baskets you have out there. So, it can even double up as a kitchen organiser or storage box if you like.

    Dip Plate @ INR 450

    When people are coming over impress them with this deep-maroon dip dish. Perfect if you are having a hummus platter or if you are serving up a few different munchies or condiments.

    Mini Tea Sets @ INR 2,000 onwards

    Tea addicts will love this one! While this is on the pricier side, it is made of premium steel. So it does not matter how many jugs of tea you gulp down in a day, this mini tea set will last you a long time.

    Plates @ INR 150 onwards

    The store stocks melamine plates in all shapes and sizes. You can pick up colourful ones in reds, blues and oranges for everyday use. They also have plain, white ceramic ones. So, if you want to use your creativity with DIY hand-painted plates, then, you can pick them up here.

    Skillet And Sizzlers Plates @ INR 170 onwards

    Add sizzle to your cutlery cabinet with these. You can you these to serve your guests or even if you want to eat out of something fancier than regular plates once in a while.

    Bowls @ INR 150 onwards

    Whether you are a serving a soup or tossing a salad, Rajalakshmi has a bowl for every occassion. You can get them interesting shapes too, like this one!