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In Hyderabad? Go Be Dramatic At The Ramoji Film City, The World's Largest Studio Complex

    Ramoji Film City, Hyderabad


    The largest integrated film city in the world, Ramoji Film City is now 21 years old and still is frequented by over a million people every year. Have you been yet?


    Be Filmy

    After your holiday here, you’re bound to be filled with ideas and memories to cherish. With an amusement park, an aviary and a load of movie magic to give you the cinema feel in the flesh, this has to be one of your destinations. See, no need to even go as far as Disneyland for them movie feels! In addition to the film city itself, there are a lot of live shows here, and live plays in the studios. If that doesn’t interest you, head to one of the stunt shows, portraying the wild west.

    Every theatre here has a different show and a different theme, so when you’re out of the wild west, come closer to home with their patriotic ensemble, with the Spirit of Ramoji performance. They also have a Bahubali set here, for some interesting exploring and Instagramming. If you’ve seen the movie, then you’ll have a ball walking through here and imagining how the set looks in the movie and in reality. We know you want to do this, so don’t hesitate!

    The film city has other sets, including the modern Princess Street, straight out of London. A lot of movies have been shot here, including the song Oo La La {from Dirty Picture}!

    Nature Meets Fun

    Housing Asia’s largest aviary, you can see Uganda’s national bird, the Grey Crowned Crane and very social parrots and macaws, including the blue and gold Macaw that loves human attention and interacting with you {strike a conversation if you’d like!}. Even ostriches all the way from Australia! There’s also a butterfly park here, along with a  carefully curated bonsai garden and even a terrace garden spanning over 15,000 square feet.

    Got kids in tow? There’s a children’s play area here and if you and they are brave enough, make a stop at the scary house. Borasura is bound to test your bravery and either leave you shivering or you come out knowing that you are fearless. And maybe you could even walk into the house made of a shoe!

    Fuel Up

    So, if you wish to dine {at one of five restaurants} like the stars do, go sample some of their favourite dishes and you never know, you might even get a glimpse of them here! We hear Amitabh Bachchan is a regular! The multi-cuisine Galaxy restaurant has a buffet option as well and serves cuisines including Chinese, Indian and continental. You can also go to the Jimmy’s Drive-In, that looks like a restaurant out of Pulp Fiction.

    Adventure Zone

    Apart from all the movie magic and play areas, the film city also has an adventure zone where all adrenaline junkies thrive. From zooming around in an ATV, zorbing and mountain biking to human foosball, bungee jumping and paintball, you can make an entire day out of all the activities here. Try your hand at shooting and archery before putting on a sumo suit and trying to oust your friends at sumo wrestling.

    And for those of you who want to explore the entire film city at leisure, check into a choice of villas, shared accommodation, economy living or hotel stay. Depending on your budget, pick your choice and enjoy a host of activities and amenities, including sport and a pool table to chill around.

      Ramoji Film City, Hyderabad