Start Working Out For Your Beach Body With Rapid Sport Fitness

    Banashankari, Bangalore

    What Makes It Awesome?

    Though I am still a little winded from the thorough grind I went through, the feeling of accomplishment outweighs the effort that goes into getting there.
    With both outdoor and gym workouts, Rapid Sport Fitness has curated a series of workout regiments that cater to every body type.

    They train at multiple locations around the city, offering a plethora of workouts, including strength and conditioning, sports conditioning, MMA, and even yoga.

    What's My Pro Tip?

    My advise is - Be on time! To avoid the dreadful burpees for every minute you're late!
    And don't be discouraged if you haven't played a sport, I barely did, but you should see me now. They believe that work is play, so be prepared to have a great time working out with some interesting people.
      Banashankari, Bangalore