This Online Book Sharing Community Lets You Pick Up A Book And Read It For Free



    Read A Book is a Facebook community that is pushing us Bangaloreans to read more by letting us borrow a book for free. Open to all, it’s time for us to sign up and get reading.

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    Started by two fellow bibliophiles over a year ago, the Read A Book community was a way to get Bangalore to kickstart its reading habit by making books accessible to everyone. Now, with an inventory of 750 books, both fiction and non-fiction, the community has around 50 members with their noses buried in books. From Malala Yousafzai’s autobiography to Murakami’s Norwegian Wood, pick from classic tomes and novels to read through. The idea behind the community was to extend the shelf life of books by letting them reach the hands of a new reader instead of gathering dust on a shelf. They also wanted to revive the culture of reading paperbacks and move away from the digital reading platforms and e-readers {we love our Kindles, but nothing beats old school paperbacks}. How it all works is that you can pick a book from their collection and borrow it for free. After you’re done reading it, you’ll have to return it of course, so someone else can turn through its pages. You are free to donate books of yours to the community as well. Open to all, you can get in touch with them via Facebook here and hit the Book Now button to get started. After filling in a sheet, complete with your address, you can pick the book you want to read and in 2 to 3 days it’ll be at your doorstep. So pick up a book and get reading.