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Sauces, Noods & DIY Kits: MasterChow Makes Ready-To-Cook Asian Essentials!

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What Makes It Awesome

Personally, as someone who can eat Asian food at the drop of a hat (all day, err day), the prep and sourcing of ingredients when it comes to making my own can be a pain in the you-know-what. Besides, speaking from experience, not everything that advertises "authentic Asian" delivers, especially when you're looking for something specific/ exotic (not to mention expensive) like black bean sauce or tamari soy. That said, we still deserve a delicious Asian meal, and as good as you would find at a mom and pop joint in say Japan or Korea. And so we've found MasterChow! 

This Delhi based, online brand, bottles Asian sauces that you can just throw your noods, veggies or meat into and feast. No salt needed either. The ingredients too are top notch, a marriage of locally sourced and exported premium exotic spices and seasonings. Calling out to us is Kinky Korean a basil and dehydrated mushroom stir fry that also goes splendidly with ramen as the base broth. Also, appeasing the Chindian in us is Delhi Belly, a sweet and spicy garlic and red chilli sauce. Think super saucy sweet and spicy chicken, yummers! MasterChow has three other cooking sauce options and a Black Bean Jam, for a dipping sauce (will be expanding this range soon).

That's not all, MasterChow also makes bases like ready-to-cook, Udon, Ramen, Hakka and Wheat Noodles. To make things a little more exciting, they sell starter kits with already paired sauces and noodles. The Spicy Noodle is our kit of choice. If you're gluten intolerant, they have a kit for that too!


Founders, Sidhanth and Vidur began MasterChow during the Covid-19 lockdown to bring true flavours of Asian cooking home. Although not trained chefs, these are their favourite tried and tested recipes. They also put out recipes on their social handles that you must try! Prices start at INR 150 and INR 240 upwards. Pan India shipping is available.