Check Out The Authentic Italian Pizzas From Risalo Pizzeria!

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What Makes It Awesome?

The first-ever real Italian pizza I had was in Singapore, in 2004. Real Italian pizza as in the thin base is baked along with the toppings in a wood-fired brick oven. upon the first bite, everything made sense, the price to thin slice to the extra drizzle of olive oil. It was real pizza & pure love. Post that, my love affair with real Italian pizza became strong. Whenever & where ever possible I indulged, however, I could not get that eggplant topping ever in India. When a friend posted a pizza with eggplant topping my cravings peaked.

When family voted for pizza night, from the regular usual place, I decided to order my pizza from a different place and am glad I picked Risalo Pizzeria. Loved their Melanzane Alla Parmigiana pizza, extremely authentic & tasty. I loved it so much that I couldn’t just stop at once slice, had to finish the whole pizza in a matter of minutes. The simple yet prominent eggplant flavours not dominated the palate, it was complimentary to the thin layer of sauce on the thin base. The pizza was also very moderately priced and I felt it was absolute value for money, for the real Italian flavours.

Having never had a piadina I was a little sceptical to order but curious enough to try from Risalo Pizzeria and ordered it anyway, the Piadina marinara version. I liked it, it’s just that the marinara sauce was a little too tangy to my taste. What I did was, added some fresh basil that was at home & that made a whole lot of difference and I thoroughly enjoyed the Piadina. There are few more options for Piadina available at Risalo am gonna try them soon, you should too.