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Cheers To Strong Independent Women: Style Inspired By Serena Williams

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We watched the recently released King Richard trailer and straight up got goosebumps! Can't wait to witness the rise of two of the world's biggest tennis icons in this biographical drama, and of course, enjoy Will Smith's magic on screen. Watching the new and first movie trailer of King Richard also left us feeling majorly inspired, so of course, we rushed straight to queen, Serena Williams' Instagram handle. The lady is a boss in all respects, not only having conquered the tennis world but also making waves in fashion, philanthropy and motherhood. We want to channel our inner Serena Williams, that strong independent woman persona that shines through and through in her label S by Serena. This exclusive clothing brand is a whole e-commerce outlet with tops, dresses, outwear, and bottoms, and a collection of essential accessories. In this list, we share our favourite brands and products that are similar to S by Serena. Oh, how could we forget jewellery? We also handpick styles like you will find at Serena Williams Jewellery. Excited to #getthelook and your confidence on? 

We also love that Serena Williams resonates with the LBB philosophy of e-commerce being the future. Woohoo!


Dresses are a big part of this style icon's eponymous brand and we're served nothing less than comfort, sexy style and body positivity in each pick. It's also clear that Serena is all about that bodycon confidence -- we're getting hardcore S by Serena 'The One Mini Dress in Black' vibes from this shimmery stripe band detail black dress from Radka. The OG style comes in different colours, so we've also picked out similar options in grey, white and striped peach. To maximise your perfect night in or out, you must wear the uber sexy cowl neck dress, says Serena - our pick is this chain-link strap cowl neck silk dress from Moazzam Reza. Also a fan of blazers dresses, S by Serena keeps style clean, statement and monotone like this number from Vistas by Vani.

Head here for fabulous dress options, because one is never quite enough.


Tops at S by Serena go from basic tees and crops to luxe leopard printed shirts, to chill lounge shirts and sexy bralettes. The range pretty much captures all of our favourite moods and we stan! White tees for that effortless street-style look make big appearances on the collection and we've got an entire list of white-tee options for you to check out exactly for this. The crop tops are slightly on the sportier side, many looking like this black thumbhole crop top from Rigo and this drawstring pink top from Kica. For our party needs we were smitten by the Luxe Leopard shirt on S by Serena and so we found an almost replica in this animal printed crop from NUN. 

If you want to get to looking for your S by Serena top dupes yourself, you may want to start with this list of brands known for their trendy tops.

Co-ords & Jumpsuits

Nothing screams independence and boss-lady style like a pant suit or formal jumpsuit and S by Serena knows this all too well. Their line features chic and powerful-looking pieces. To recreate our own version of an independent Serena moment, we've picked out this solid formal pant suit (available in black and dark green) from The August Co. Also, there's no way we weren't going to put our Indian heritage on the map -- Abhishti's baswada peplum white jacket, pant and golden top set is exactly for this! Fierce, yet lady-like, we're sure it has Serena's vote.

If co-ords and jumpsuits is your daily style, you may want to explore new options here and here.

Jackets & Outerwear

Carrying through the sleek and dress-to-show-off-your-carefree-and-bold side is S by Serena's line of outerwear. Comprising cropped formal jackets, maxi coats, and casual jackets, here's where we see Serene get experimental and throw us some personality. She plays with neons, metallics and detailing like plaid, gold zippers, animal print and more. We're bringing some personality too with this neon denim jacket from The Pigment Edit, and this monochromatic gingham checkered trench coat from Fabnest. Can't forget the sporty side in it all and so we're mixing things up with this cool A-line Fleece Jacket available in 7 different colours.

Buying more jackets & waistcoats is the only way to live. They can save or change up a whole look, in just a few seconds.


Being the cool girl she is, Serena understands safety and accessories are equally important. So she has given us both with statement animal prints masks and pretty scrunchies. The masks are simplistic in design, either monochromatic or with leopard prints. What's cool is that some of these masks come with a straw insert outlet! We're making things infinitely easy with our list of fashionable masks and scrunchies that are having a hot moment. Freely pick a style for yourself that will complement your overall Serena Williams OOTD/N.


Like every lady out there, Serena is a sucker for good jewellery. Her aesthetic is minimalist but statement and features a whole lot of diamonds. While diamonds can be too much of a commitment for us all, not to forget very expensive, we still want the pleasure of wearing something similar. Serena Williams Jewellery is big of hoops and so we're getting ourselves these embellished gold hoops from Enaksh. Keeping with the trends, you also see minimal layered necklaces and link bracelets. Alternatives for us are this rose gold smiley and sun necklace and this gorgeous pearl bracelet

Find more such elegant and minimalist jewellery in these Indian brands.


S By Serena & Serena Williams Jewellery ships worldwide, in case you want to own and wear the real deal.