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Redo The House With Furniture From The Iconic Looking Good Store That Also Has A Section With 70 Per Cent Off


    Keeping up with trends — be it style, colour or product, Looking Good furniture will sort you out with everything from sofas, recliners, cabinets, TV units and even mattresses. And there’s always a section on 70 per cent discount! 

    Playing House

    If you’re setting up a new home, redoing the old one, or just need to add a few bits and bobs of furniture to you place, head off to Looking Good furniture. Around for about 10 plus years now {around 40 years in the furniture business, though not retail}, they have furnishing to suit practically every house, and more importantly, every budget. From regal teak wood sofa sets to modern L-shaped seaters in pops of colour, you living room will be spruced up in no time. Oh, and check out the funky lazy boy sets too. Perfect to set up in front of the TV units — from the low slung ones that also have book shelves to the more functional options that just have room for your TV and sound systems. Sometimes they have single pieces and all you bachelor and bachelorettes living along, it’s just right for you — usually the odd pieces are on a heavy discount, so shop away, y’all!

    Get A Room

    There is plenty to choose from in this department. Utilitarian wooden ones are most available, and those with drawers below them to save space are also quite nifty. For some more elaborate beds, pick from the four-poster ones or if you have a modern home, go for the chic black beds. The dining options are great — you’ll be rather spoiled for choice, in fact. Round, oval, square, rectangle with glass or wooden tops, there’s four, six and even two seaters.

    Accessorise This

    Of course, no home is complete without a few book shelves, cabinets and shoe racks, eh? And oh do they have plenty; in all sorts of finishes too. White, black, rough wood, finished wood, with doors or open, there’s really something for every household!