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Register Here For Beer Pong And Flip Cup At The Kingfisher Oktoberfest

Aakanksha posted on 13 October

Ten-Second Takeaway

Remember we said you can register for the beer games exclusively when we talked about the Kingfisher Oktoberfest? We keep promises. Here’s all you need to know.

Game Of Beers

Yes, Germany and most of the world has already finished celebrating the Oktoberfest, but who is going to complain when Kingfisher and SteppinOut are just making the party last longer? No one. So are you all geared up to be beer-ed out this weekend? Only one thing will make it even better — beer games! Naturally there’s beer pong lined up, so grab a friend and form a team of two {INR 500} to take part. If you’re a larger group, sign up multiple teams and then take each other on at the event.

Cheers To That

Want to take the fun up a notch or two? Quickly sign up for the Beer Relay, which will see teams of five chugging beer in a relay format. The team who guzzles down their drinks first wins. There’s three rounds in the entire day, so don’t think too much, just register! For those who thinks this is all a walk in the park…lo and behold The Flip Cup – yes, that game which makes you drink first, and then requires you to flip the cup from normal to upside down. Also in team format, you can register for INR 250 a team. It’s not as easy as it seems, start practicing folks!

What’s In It For Me?

Well, apart from stellar Kingfisher merch, Morning Fresh {a handover cure which you will most certainly benefit post these games}, more beer and also cash prizes based on the money from registrations, drinking beer during the games is all that matters. Go on, sign up, you know beer makes everything OK.

Register for beer relay here.

Photos: Shawn Menezes