The Bangalore Cafe: Great Twist On Classic Indian Dishes

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What Makes It Awesome?

The Bangalore Cafe is a great place that serves vegetarian food. Located over 2 floors, the ambience is quite vibrant and just helps you relax. The setup involves swing like seats right at the entrance but they're actually fixed a point so don't actually "swing". They have an open-air seating area on the ground floor and a slightly covered area on the first floor. The staff is quite courteous and service really prompt.
Coming to the food, many dishes were really delicious and did make us order for seconds. The following section gives a brief overview of all the dishes that I tried:

Chatpate Cones (8.5/10) - This was basically a twist on the conventional Papdi Chaat. The Papdis were basically made in cones and all the regular fillings of curd and other sauces added. Overall, it did taste nice and was certainly less messy, but eating a Papdi chaat its own way can never lose its charm.

Wild Mushroom and Sweet Potato Soup (9/10) - This was actually recommended by the chef himself and it was really delicious. It was nice and comforting, with the perfect amount of spice so as to not burn your tongue or palate away. You could taste the sweetness of the sweet potato and had a generous amount of mushrooms added to it.

Subz Towkri (8.5/10) - This was more like a Bhel Puri served in the paper cone. It was perfectly made and had loads of the whole Papdis. I recommend that you try this here.

Sinful Moment (9/10) - This was a really nice creation of the chef himself. It was basically a salad that had zucchini ribbons rolled together with a filling of what seemed like hung curd. There were beetroot slices and a nice balsamic reduction as the sauce. It's something that you need to actually try to know what amazing flavours it had.

Tandoori Cigars (9/10) - Everything that is required of a good appetizer, crispy on the outside, soft filling inside. The outer covering was made out of Roomali Roti and roasted. This was topped with some tandoori masala. The masala inside was nice and tangy and was served with a tomato based mayo dip. These sticks were smoked with tobacco leaves. It's definitely worth a try!

Apne Bihari Babu (8/10) - This was basically their take on the traditional Bihari dish Litti Chokha. It was decent, but I've had better before. The Litti in itself was quite nice, it was the Chokha which slightly disappointed as it's supposed to have smoked aubergine mash added, which I didn't taste any of.

TBC Special Maska Dal (9/10) - This was really delicious and comforting. It was like a huge hug, because of the amazing flavours and that wonderful Tadka that it had. In terms of spice, it wasn't overpowering, but just that blend of 3 lentils cooked together wonderfully well made it rich from the natural goodness of lentils in itself.

Ludhiana Kofta (9/10) - The name says it all about this dish. Nice and soft koftas served in a rich tomato based gravy. Just couldn't help myself polish half a bowl off on my own.

Afghani Naan (9/10) - I usually don't really review Breads, but this one deserves a special mention. The taste was very similar to Khameeri Naan which we get up North, and it was just too good. It was nice and soft, fluffy and had a slightly sweet flavour to it. You really need to try this with your curries.

Filter Coffee (9/10) - Really nice flavoured coffee, with not too much sugar, serve in chai glasses. It is served perfectly hot with a nice froth and makes for a great accompaniment for all dishes as well as desserts!

Overall, I totally loved the ambience of this place. Even on a Tuesday night, it was fully packed with people. The price isn't that high and the service top notch. For all the vegetarians, this place is absolutely worth a visit at least once!

How Much Did It Cost?

₹1,000 - ₹3,000

Best To Go With?

Family, Big Group, Bae, Kids

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