Online Stores Where You Can Sell, Buy And Rent Your Clothes

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Overflowing closet causing you much misery? Then, it may be time to declutter and earn some cool cash in return, just in time for Christmas! Get easy access to websites and apps that buy and sell your second-hand clothes and you’ll be left with plenty of space to spare. It's also a sustainable alternative to hoarding your clothes. Alternately, services are also renting out designer-wear and a range of spiffy (read, expensive) clothes that you can slip into for the next big occasion for a fraction of the tag price.



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Rashi Menda, the brain behind this much-loved app, launched Zapyle to solve the problem every woman faces – not having any clothes to wear even while staring at a closet full of clothes. The platform looks a lot like Instagram and sellers will only have to post a picture of the item they’d like to sell. To ensure the authenticity of products, Zapyle only accepts items from a curated list of international and Indian brands. Once a buyer shows interest, team Zapyle will swoop in, pick up the product from you and send it across to a buyer. 


The concept is simple - pick out what you’d like to sell from your wardrobe, style and photograph it, and upload it to the app for their team of in-house stylists to peruse. Once approved, other people can browse and select what they want to buy from you. If you’re looking to buy, it’s as simple as scrolling through their image feed and selecting what appeals to you most. You can even connect with the sellers for any questions about sizes and styles. 


Honestly, why would you want to blow up a fortune on a dress that you are going to wear it once? Well, the folks at Flyrobe get your point and that’s why they rent out ethnic wear, gowns, suits and blazers that are on fleek. Pick out your outfit of the day, enter details like size, rental period (usually between 4 and 8 days), and then proceed to check out where you enter your shipping details and whatnot. The price here for ladies starts at as low as INR 199 (for a four-day rental period) for a blouse while for men it starts at INR 149 (four-day rental period) for a churidar.