12 Restaurants Around Jyoti Nivas College That You Must Try

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Packed to the brim with eateries of all sorts, Koramangala’s 5th Block area has long been considered a foodie’s delight. And the area around Jyoti  Nivas College is its crowning glory. All along the lengthy JNC Road and a couple of roads around it (we are also concentrating on those here), you’ll find budget eateries, fine-dine establishments, and, also, watering holes. LBB studies the area around the famous college to give you the top restaurants.

Kopper Kadai

North Indian food revamped and sprinkled with a dose of nostalgia, that’s Kopper Kadai’s USP. The Challi Kolmi Kebabs, made with corn and potatoes, and the Ganna Chicken (kebabs on a sugarcane stick) get you off to a great start. The Ralli Anakoot Murg (Kopper Kadai’s take on the Palak Chicken) and the creamy Mastawa (lamb cooked in lentils) ensure that deliciousness doesn’t die down. 

Gilly’s Restobar

Budget-friendly tipple — two words that are always music to the ears. Swing by this Koramangala hotspot and pick from their bar bounty. The spicy, comfort food that the kitchen doles out pairs perfectly with any spirit you choose. Everything from the French Fries to the Mother In Law Eggs (wok-tossed eggs), Spiked Gilly’s Chilli Beef, Murgh Malai Chicken, and Roast Chilli Pork are favourites here.

Khawa Karpo

If you aren’t hell-bent on an amazing ambience, you will be rewarded heavily at Khawa Karpo. A hole-in-the-wall establishment, you’ll get Tibetan and Chinese specials here. The Beef Lhaping {a noodle dish}, the hearty Beef Thukpa, and the piping hot momos are top-sellers here.

Meghana Foods

The legendary Meghana Foods started off right here in Koramangala. Grab a vacant seat as soon as you spot it and bring on the plates of biryani. The Chicken Boneless, the Meghana Special, and the Mutton versions all rank high here. The Chicken 65, Guntur Chicken, and Chilli Chicken prove to be worthy accompaniments.

The Black Pearl

Wave the Jolly Roger and surrender to a uninhibited buffet at The Black Pearl. The coastal and meaty delicacies from the live grill, the made-to-order chocolate sandwiches, and the long line-up of mains and desserts that feature global flavours — make this a feast that befits Captain Jack Sparrow.

A Hole Lotta Love Cafe

Eat the breakfast of champions all day long here. The waffles and peaches combination is nothing short of divine and a drizzle of Nutella only adds to the heavenly experience. The English Breakfast, the creamy, Italian scrambled eggs, and the Crumb Blue Burger (that features Blue Cheese) are all impressive.

Sharief Bhai

The first of two Sharief Bhais to hit town, this popular restaurant is a hit with meat lovers. The compact restaurant recreates family recipes and serves up stellar plates of Mutton Biryani, Nalli Nihari and Patthar Gosht. For the adventurous eaters there is also Gurda (lamb kidneys) and  Bheja (brain) fry. Finish up with scoops of silken Matka Phirni. 

Tall Blonde French

Craving a crunchy, comforting bite? Tall Blonde French gives you an array of fries to choose from. They serve everything from the classic variety to  the Blonde (the cheesy kind) and even the Paneer Butter Masala versions. If you want to beef things up, sign up for their Spicy Chicken Fries or even the Surfer Fries, that are served with shrimp. 

Buff Buffet Buff

When you want to appease the bottomless pit you have for a stomach, come here! Popular with the work crowd and families, this place lines up one of the best buffets in the area. You can start off with slurps of their shorba and then move on to piling your plate with a host of salads, kebabs, biryani, noodles and whatnot. 

Happy Brew

A short walk from Jyoti Nivas, this place is great when you want to knock back a few cold ones in the company of your pals. A mug of beer comes at about INR 100 here and they even serve Geist. You can pair this with class bar nibbles like Peanut Masala, Jalapeno Cheese Bites, and Chilly Chicken. They have great deals during Happy Hours so you can look forward to that too! 

Crawl Street

Just down the road from Jyoti Nivas, this happening watering hole makes for a great setting when you want a night out on the town. If you are going in a group, their cocktail pitchers (margarita, sangrias, and LIITs) an an excellent choice. You can also sip on your regulars like Bloody Marys and Mai Tais. From the kitchen offerings, try their Reddygaru Guntur Chicken, Thai Corn Cakes and the Dragon Chicken. 


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