Navya posted on 16th September

BBQ, Buffets And Brunch: Your Guide To Eating Out In Marathahalli

In case, you haven’t received the memo yet, Marathahalli is Bangalore’s unofficial buffet and barbecue destination. Restaurant after restaurant crams its tables with endless offerings. From BBQ meats to delicacies from around the world and desserts of all kinds — you’ll get them all. While most of this is aimed at the corporate offices that crowd the area, you are welcome to get in on the action as well. All you need is a voracious appetite and a willingness to stuff your face. LBB lists Marathahalli’s best restaurants.

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AB’s — Absolute Barbecues

AB’s — Absolute Barbecues

Welcome to a food wonderland! This busy {you might struggle to get a seat on the weekend} restaurant takes BBQ to the next level with its seemingly unending seafood, meat, and exotic offerings. They’ll serve up the regulars {everything from chicken to corn} on your table but you’ll have to head over to their wish grill to pile your plate with emu, rabbit, and octopus. Once you’ve had your fill of starters then hit the mega buffet that features north Indian delicacies for the most part. We have dished out everything on AB’s here

3B’s — Buddies, Bars, Barbecue

A popular venue for team outings, this place stands apart from the usual BBQ grill + unlimited buffet places with its lounge-like ambience. You can settle in with a chilled beer and then work up an appetite at the foosball table. When you are ready to dig in, they’ll dish out a selection of kebabs, tikkas, grilled fish, soups, Gulab Jamuns and a lot more. Their buffet options {without the beverage option} are competitively priced. 


Located at Hotel Park Plaza, Saffron is just the place to visit when you want to pull out all the stops. They specialise in North West Frontier Province cuisine and the menu comes with all the highlights. Set aside the calorie counter and savour chef specials like Murgh Ka Mukul {chicken done in a spiced up yogurt gravy}, Paneer Jaali Kebab {paneer wrapped up in a curry leaf, chilli, raw mango, and coriander marinade}, and Kadai Gosht done up in a spicy green masala. You can pair these with fragrant biryanis or with their line of toasty, Indian breads.


New kid on the block, Flechazo has already become a crowd favourite. They too specialise in buffets but you can expect unusual cuisine offerings like Mediterranean and Asian flavours here. First, hit the counter with the Cold Food Shots before making your way to other live counters doling out chaats, dim sums, and sushi. Thin-crust pizzas, traditional Lebanese breads, and seafood specials also line up to please you. Don’t go away without trying their Nitrogen Ice creams though.

The Brew and Barbeque

This place is for those of you who love their brews and need plenty of food to go with their mugs of ale. You can settle down in a cosy booth at this massive restaurant and order up bar favourites like nachos, tikkas of all kinds, BBQ meats, and pizzas. They have the buffet option too if you’re interested.  

Holy Flames

Part of the Cartier Hotel, Holy Flames is a poolside property and, again, offers buffets that are popular with the IT crowd from around here. You’ll get plenty of Chinese, Italian, and North Indian options here and their umpteen live counters are worth swinging by. Come here during happy hours to make the most of  your outing.