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Stay At The Restored Chandra Mahal Haveli In Bharatpur


    25 kilometres away from Bharatpur lies the village of Pahersar, where a painstakingly restored haveli stands today. If you’re making the trip to the bird sanctuary, bookmark this.

    A History Lesson

    According to local legend, Pahersar got its name from a battle that took place three centuries ago, wherein the village was conquered by the Mughals {the story varies between Babar and Akbar} in just three hours. A ‘pehar’ means a three hour period and ‘sar’ means conquered or victory, hence the name Pehar-sar.

    Locals also say that the village has a history dating back to more than 1,000 years and used to be one of the most affluent settlements in and around Bharatpur. Today, the village of Peharsar is itself relatively quiet and tiny in all respects, with just a small village store or two, and a local school.

    The Suite Life

    If living in a 19th century haveli doesn’t sound exciting enough, you have the option of either a suite or a deluxe room. The suites are on the first floor, and give you the added advantage of a private courtyard with a jacuzzi, a balcony and a terrace that offers a panoramic view of the Pehersar village. The rooms overlook the central courtyard and hotel lawns. Fret not, just because you’re snuggled away doesn’t mean you’re completely cut off. There are TVs, Wi-Fi and a minibar in every room.

    Their poolside restaurant, Peharsi Andaaz, serves Rajasthani, Indian and Persian food using fresh produce from the village fields. {The haveli itself is a representation of Persian architecture, not Mughal}. The recipes used are super-old, and super-secret. We don’t know what the secret ingredients are, but we know it tastes pretty damn good!

    They also offer rooftop dinners overlooking the village life, a tractor ride and lunch in the fields {relive all your DDLJ fantasies, but also eat lunch afterwards}.

    Things To Do

    There’s the Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary of course, 25 kms away. There’s also the Bharatpur Fort, an 18th century fort built by Raja Suraj Mal {it was supposedly impregnable} and the Government Museum, which houses sculptures, inscriptions and exhibits of art and culture from the region.

    You could also check out the Bharatpur Palace, a brilliant blend of Mughal and a Rajput architecture. They also have a museum in the central wing with a few exhibits dating back to the second century AD. If all that art and culture still hasn’t gotten your heart beating faster, visit Deeg Fort {32 kms away}; this used to be the royal summer resort of the rulers of Bharatpur.

    Where: Peharsar, Jaipur- Agra Road, Nadbai, Bharatpur

    Price: INR 6,000 upwards depending on room

    Contact: +91 8696919073, or write to

    Find out more on their website here.