Reviving The Age Old Craft To Create Wearable Art!

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What Makes It Awesome?

‘Shunya Batik’ in contrast to the name that literally means ‘Zero’ Batik, is a brand that is everything but a ‘zero’. This brand from West Bengal was born from a design graduate’s passion to create employment in his native village. Kartik started from zero and created a business that sustains hundreds of households in that area. Women and now their families create Kartik’s designs on cloth in the form of batik and ‘Kantha’ embroidery. All the work done is by hand and requires great skill which these women possess. Their hands work magic on silk, cotton and khadi to create masterpieces as six yards of wearable art for women. Their sarees, blouses and stoles have various designs that are unique to only ‘Shunya Batik’. While there will be nature-inspired art and figurative art, you shall be left mesmerised by the geometrical patterns that are also created in the form of saris. Some of their sarees have a fusion of ‘Kantha’ and batik too.

What Shunya creates is the true ‘Local’ product. Right from the fabric which is the handloom and sourced locally, to the finished product, everything is ‘Made in India’ and made by indigenous artists. The superior quality and finish speak for the brand. They may not be A list designers but their creations are.

They sell mostly through exhibitions all over India but the 2020 pandemic has forced them to sell digitally, mostly via Instagram and Facebook pages. They also have a loyal and strong customer base that they keep in touch via WhatsApp. A brand that works more like a cooperative in terms of the camaraderie between their artisans, Shunya has made its mark in the handmade goods sector in India.
Sarees priced 8k onwards
Stoles priced 3k onwards
Blouses price 1500 INR onwards