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Namma Auto

What Makes It Awesome

While things are slowly getting back to normal, we all know that it’s still going to take a while before we’re back on track, for good! However, we've still got things to do, and places to be. Whether it is to keep up with our daily chores, or for work, we’ll have to venture into the outside world, right? Auto rickshaws have been an integral part of our daily commute and Namma Auto Project has gone out of its way to make local transportation super comfy and hygienic! Heaven knows that everyone's current priority! And here's why I love this service, and I'm sure you will too!

Hygienic & Safe!

Safety is the most critical of all if you’re considering traveling by an auto-rickshaw. And hence, a hygiene kit is provided to all the drivers enrolled with Namma Auto. Each hygiene kit consists of a mask, sanitiser, disinfectant, and a cloth. This kit ensures the safety of the passengers as well as the drivers. That’s not it; the autos are sanitised after every ride, to make sure that it is in a squeaky clean condition for the next passenger. I was shown these products and was super impressed by it. The wonderful drivers also wiped down the auto in front of me, which convinced me even more of the ardent safety measures. You’ve got to look out for the sticker.

Look out for the Sticker

Every driver is given detailed training about safety & how they can maintain it. They are trained with the help of short videos that describe how to use a mask and a sanitiser. After that, they have to pass a quiz test basis, which they earn the ‘COVID19 Safety Training Completion’ sticker. This sticker is placed on the windshield on the left side of the vehicle. So, the next time you need to go out and you spot an autorickshaw with the sticker, do not hesitate to sit in! You know it’s going to be a safe and sanitized auto.

It’s all screen guarded

Another precautionary measure taken by Namna Auto is to provide a screen guard between the driver and the passenger so that there is no contact and confirms security for both the parties involved. Innovative, yet oh so simple! I was pleasantly surprised by this addition, which really makes all the difference to feel that much more at ease.

You’re financially aiding the drivers too

The Namma Auto Project has set up a Driver Co-Operative Society for the benefit of Karnataka rickshaw drivers. The Co-Op allows drivers to exercise greater control of their revenues and access low-interest loans, which indirectly helps them to build a better livelihood for themselves & their families. In a way, we’re financially supporting these drivers who are willingly offering their services in a current tricky situation.

Oh and yes! Namma Auto is working on switching these regular autorickshaws to an electric one, to make it more sustainable. How cool is that? Some are already plying in Bangalore, and those are also blue and white, and easier to spot!


So, with the help of healthy practices and cleaner techniques, Namma Auto has made it possible for us to travel in rickshaws. Make sure to watch out for that sticker and hop on for a sanitised, pleasant & safe ride.

Namma Auto Project is an initiative led by ACRA, ENVIU, TERI and WHAD. It is funded by the European Union.

Namma Auto