From Foot Stools To Bright Dhurries, Everything At This E-Store Is Upcycled

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What Makes It Awesome

Remember the empty wine bottles, old rags and car tyres you casually threw away? Rimagined has breathed new life into that trash by making a cute and nifty list of products out of them, from sling bags to cushioned stools. Saving our planet and your boho-chic aesthetic one upcycled item at a time, Rimagined a Bangalore-based store is in the business of turning rags to riches (literally). Run by Shailaja Rangarajan, this brand is all about the three Rs — reduce, reuse, repurpose.

Find products from cute bags and baskets made from upcycled wheel tyres, old canvas and juice cartons to vases and spice racks made from old jars and wine bottles. We also spotted whimsical clocks made from bicycle wheels and old vinyl records. And guess what? These guys make furniture too. With comfy and colourful poufs and ottomans made with cotton warp and recycled fabric to cane woven sofas accented with textile waste rope. 

Keeping over 240 kilograms of waste out of landfills, the brand is heading in the right direction when it comes to sustainability and being ecologically responsible. So every time you make a purchase here, you are reducing your carbon footprint and taking a step toward a cleaner planet. Each product is given a ‘Rimagined Score’ out of a 100,  based on how much waste will be kept out of landfills by purchasing it and on how easily it’s contents will decompose. The higher the score, the more eco-friendly it is. 


You can now shop their range right here on LBB. 


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