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Riders On The Storm, Stay At This Doors-Themed Hostel In Anjuna For Just INR 280


    Oh, you thought Goa couldn’t get any better? Think again. Because when you add Anjuna, The Doors, a hostel by the beach and all of it at INR 280 a night, it’s a bumper prize! So, check into The Roadhouse Hostel, y’all!

    Roadhouse Blues

    Conveniently located in the centre of Goa’s heart, in Anjuna, Roadhouse Hostel {a chain of hostels across Goa and a few other places in India} is a dream come true to music lovers and backpackers. A bright yellow house, with psychedelic paintings on the steps to start off with, it’s a throwback to the hippie era. Except that there’s WiFi to bring you back to present time.

    The dorm rooms – kitted with bunk beds for two, four, six or eight people, have been divided into mixed ones and separate ones for the ladies. If you really want to live like a backpacker, they have non-air-conditioned options, but no one will judge you for wanting the air-con! The living area is super fun, with mattresses on the floor to just chill out and make new friends. The life-size painting of Jim Morrison there will make any musician want to start strumming a song. Ideally, Roadhouse Blues, because well…

    Break On Through

    While we could really lounge all day here, chatting, reading books, lurking in the little garden on colourful bean bags, what makes this hostel even more of a winner is that it’s a 15-second walk from the popular Anjuna German Bakery. And from the beach. And from the flea market. You get the drift, yes? Needless to say, it’s well-worth meandering around the hostel to really soak up the Goa sun, culture, and balmy seaside air. And at beds starting from just INR 280, I think I may just move to this hostel. Come with me?