The World's Largest Tree Canopy, Has Been Right Under Our Noses, Just 100 Miles From Town


    Want to get a bit shady? Us too. Which is why, a trip to the biggest tree canopy in the whole wide world is in order. Pack the sandwiches, fuel up the car and set GPS to Thimmamma Marrimanu in Anantpur.

    What Makes It Awesome

    Hidden under its own canopy clearly, Thimmamma Marrimanu is in the Guinness Book Of World Records and it’s no wonder why. Aged about 550 years, this beautiful banyan tree has spread itself over nearly five acres. This means, if you were to run the circumference of the shade, you’d be running about a kilometre! Oof, and with branches and roots sprouting and spreading below the canopy, it’s practically a maze here! This is a literally a forest created by a single tree.

    While the tree is meant to be named after a lady who sacrificed her life when her own husband died, legend has it that if you visit here, and pray intently enough, you’ll soon have a baby on the way. There’s not much else but lazing around to do, so pack some games for entertainment. That is after you’ve Instagrammed this living treasure, naturally!

    You’ll find a few stalls doling out water, juice and sodas. Plus, chips, nuts and a few munchies. But apart from that there’s nothing else so maybe head off to Horsely Hills that isn’t too far off. After all, you’ve driven 200kms (albeit on splendid roads), so why not make it a holiday, eh?


    There are plenty of picnic spots, treks, and picturesque vies around the area, so feel free to make a day of it.