This Pretty Cafe In Frazer Town Is Worth Every Penny!

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What Makes It Awesome?

The experience at Sunny Side Bistro is so unique and filled with meat. The food is so perfect and the ambience is very romantic. The chairs are placed between bushes and trees and look so romantic. The place is completely mind-blowing. The ambience and food go hand in hand, as mentioned this is the best Continental restaurant for amazing continental cuisine.

Meat lovers heaven. This place is one of the best continental restaurants in Bangalore as they serve plenty of meat and seafood. They have Continental flavours of pork, beef, chicken, fish, prawn etc. The menu is full of dishes with meat and it's just happy for any meat lover. No compensation on the taste. The Pork Ribs are the best. It is a different kind of sweet and spicy, completely cooked meat. It was so perfect that the flavour oozes out from the meat.

The Meat Platter is the must-try, it has 3 varieties of meat and it's so filling. The platter is fully loaded with two pork ribs, beef and chicken breast also the addition of potato wedges and sorted vegetables. What's more loving than a plate full of meat. You will not regret trying this dish. This is so perfect and has all the ingredients in place. The meat is so tender, full of flavours and taste. This is one of the best dishes they have.

The Tea and the French Fries make a perfect combination. The chai is so delightful and the fries are crispy and perfect. This place also has all-day breakfast. We tried the All-day American breakfast which was simply the best. The bacon was delicious. The Pancakes were perfect with the maple syrup, the sausage was cooked to perfection and the mushrooms were nicely tossed. The plate makes you feel complete. It's a perfect meal.

We also recommend you to try Eggs Benedict one of the best under the eggs section as it's a poached egg served on a multigrain bread accompanied by chicken or any meat topped with hollandaise sauce. The layers are so packed and make the best breakfast to have.

The Strawberry and Oreo Shakes are so good and tasty. The chef Mr Ragu was so kind as to suggest us the best dishes and cooked the perfect meal that filled our stomach. The experience is so unique and filled with meat. The food is so perfect and the ambience is very romantic.

How Much Did It Cost?

₹500 - ₹1,000

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