Baggage Got You Down? Pick It Up And Carry It In This Brand's Range Of Cute Bags!

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Roucy's range of funky, colourful, and light bags will make carrying baggage (almost) fun whether you're a tote kinda gal, or prefer the chic sling look. 

What Makes It Awesome

Need a bag for every mood, whim, and most importantly for all the baggage that comes with your astrological sign? Roucy’s range of bags will have you looking snatch! Whether you’re looking for a versatile tote (horizontal or vertical), fold over slings that can hold more than you think, or even travel pouches for you wanderlusters, find it here. In fresh prints, and made of light, and wash friendly material, the bags will go from carrying essentials to being essential when you’re on the go. We love their range of astrological bags that even you vougish Virgos and savage Sagittarians will carry around to explain your behaviour. 

For non-believers, browse through their collection that includes awesome Aztech print pouches, and double zip sling bags (to travel stylish and light) with colourful geometric prints and pops of funky fruit design on them. If you want to travel even lighter, the mobile sling bag is perfect! With enough space for the largest smartphones (looking Nexus and OnePlus) and maybe a small wallet and keys (or travel documents if you’re flying anywhere), these definitely are perfect for looking snazzy for running errands or a girls’ day out if your pants don’t have roomy pockets (or betray you by having no pockets!). Sling not your thing? The clutches and wallets are just as cute and accommodating! We love the ones with cheeky phrasing like “Don’t Touch Me!” or confirm your membership in the ‘Unicorn Squad’!

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Roucy's range of funky, colorful, and light bags will make carrying baggage (almost) fun. Whether you’re looking for a versatile tote, stylish slings that can hold more than you think, or even laptop sleeves, find it here.
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