Ten-Second Takeaway

The Japanese gourmet chocolatier from Sapporo has opened a counter in 1MG, making it that much easier to get your hands on their scrumptious chocolate.

Sin In A Bar



Previously available only in JW Marriott Hotel {who’d randomly go there, right?} on Vittal Mallya Road, ROYCE’ has finally come out with a counter in Foodhall in 1MG. Joining the ranks of the store’s other gourmet goodies, they stock a mouth-watering range of chocolates — from giant bars with minimalistic packaging, to chocolate-covered salty potato chips, in varieties like white, dark, milk, almond, rum raisin and maccha {still plenty more, we could go on all day}. The salesperson at the counter was very knowledgable, and pointed us towards some real standouts, like the Tiramisu Cream Chocolate Wafers.

Like Water For Chocolate



We tried the milk and dark chocolate bars, and we were blown away by how unique they were. The texture of the chocolate is really surprising: it’s not silky like most other chocolates — it has a unique velvety texture, and a rich cacao flavour. It’s almost like a melt-in-your-mouth kind of experience. The liquor-filled Maccha Nama squares were also great — a little bitter, with a light after-taste of green tea. Definitely different, but we’re ready for more. Dark chocolate lovers, make sure you buy yourself a box of Royce’s Ghana Bitters. While they also stock things like chocolate-covered fruits, we’re craving their bars — more chocolate for us to eat, and the price is really reasonable! If you love chocolate even a little, you’ll go head-over-heels for ROYCE’.


If you’re a bit hesitant to pick up something new, just ask for a sample and they’ll be happy to oblige.

Photos: ROYCE’ Chocolate