For Curated, Traditional, Hand Woven Kanjeevaram Sarees Head To Rukmini Hall

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What Makes It Awesome

For close to a century, Rukmini Hall’s handpicked collection of Kanjeevarams with vintage prints has floored brides-to-be and silk lovers. Knowledgeable and patient service is another plus. After spending the early years of the 20th century going from door-to-door carrying a stack of sarees on his head, R Subbarao Suryavanshi slowly graduated to owning a hand cart to sell his wares. In 1942, he opened Rukmini Hall, naming it after his only offspring. Rukmini Hall to date offers its customers a curated collection of kanjeevarams that showcase traditional, centuries-old motifs etched on resplendent yards of silk.

They also have rich weaves where the zari is intricately woven into the entire body of the saree along with colourful silken threads. Most other saree stores concentrate on unlimited offerings that feature similar patterns. However, at Rukmini Hall, they have a limited collection (the range begins at INR 10,000) but you can expect to stand out from the crowd. The high-end collection is perfect for a wedding in your family or if you want to own a kanjeevaram that’s nothing short of a work of art.

Can’t afford the traditional kanjeevaram, just yet? Rukmini Hall has plenty for you too. For the budget shopper, there are Kanjeevaram silks without zari work. There are also raw silk sarees, ikats, and not-so-pure silk sarees that come at a meagre INR 1,700. Instead of just piling people with choices, they make sure you are given your own sweet time to choose what you want. Also, brownie points for being one of the rare stores, in the Chickpet area, that don’t have pushy salespersons, almost dragging you into the store. Plus, they take the time to educate you about the weave and the quality of silk that you are buying.


The store remains open between 11 am to 7:30 pm Monday to Saturday and is shut on Sundays.


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