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Get, Set, Go: Find The Perfect Running Shoes Here, Based On Your Foot Type

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If you're a serious runner, you have to check out the Running Lab in Indiranagar. From getting your foot analysed to finding the perfect pair of shoes, it's a wholesome experience (and your feet will thank you later!).

What Makes It Awesome

Started running recently and want to invest in a pair of quality shoes? Look no further than the Running Lab in Indiranagar. With an in-house treadmill that will analyse your foot type and gait, you get to test out different shoes before finding the perfect pair!

While it may not come as a surprise that we all have different foot types (no, we're not talking about cracked heels or larger than average second toes), it is important to know this basic bit of information so you can improve your form and run better. That's why they have a treadmill inside The Running Lab. 

When you run on the treadmill, they will capture a slow-motion video and do a proper foot analysis, taking into account your gait cycle, foot strike, foot motion and arch height to suggest the right shoe for you! Then, they will suggest you the right shoes -- you'll be able to choose from brands like New Balance, ASICS, Saucony and Brooks, to name a few. There's even a bunch of sportswear and accessories in the store. 


They also have KT tapes (that is, kinesiology tape) in store.